At our core is the true desire to help people. We are investing our time and money in special situations helping companies improve and reach their full potential. We have specialties and experience in leading large companies in complex situations. That experience may be just what you are looking for to help your business reach its full potential. Business managers deal with tough problems, and we understand this. Do you have a plan?

Our broad range of experiences and proven track records of business success can add strength to your team.

Corporate Performance & Transformation 

Companies go through business cycles as service or product needs change.  It is important to recognize and respond to changing environments.  Our team has broad experience advising and supporting strategic planning, brand development and positioning, managing organizational change and transformation, enhancing the customer experience, and fine-tuning business processes.  

Additionally, we provide profit enhancement activities, strategic planning, business intelligence, information technology, working capital efficiency, incentive and compensation structures, recruiting, technology/security services, and tax advisory. 

Financial Restructuring 

As business dynamics change, sometimes it is necessary to evaluate and modify capital structure.  Whether the modifications are minor or extensive, a business can leverage our professionals to support refinancing or restructuring needs. In situations either in or out of court, we will work quickly and with discretion to manage risk, safeguard reputations, and stay on top of the details leading to successful repositioning. 

Capital Sourcing 

In conjunction with our services, and through our New Day Opportunity Fund, we are uniquely positioned to provide capital in special situations where traditional capital sources are not available.  Because every situation is unique; we can facilitate various creative financing structures, including factoring arrangements, ABL structures, bridge loans, DIP loans, mezzanine loans, and private equity. 

M&A Advisory 

Mergers and Acquisitions can place tremendous strains on resources while continuing to operate day-to-day.  This can take a toll on the team and customers.  Members of our team understand this dynamic and have leadership experience in mergers and acquisitions in excess of $150m; working on both the buyer’s and the seller’s side of transactions. We can help evaluate the situation, identify targets, assist in negotiation, as well as post-transaction plans and lead plan execution. 

Key Stakeholder Risk Advisory 

Key business stakeholders, such as lenders are concerned about investment risk.  We can tailor our services to meet the needs of the stakeholder and the situation.  We perform business health assessments, provide collateral evaluation and monitoring, as well as interim management services, and recovery planning.. 

Fiduciary Services 

When a management change is required, it is important to have a trusted replacement in which stakeholders can place confidence.  Our advisors have experience and capability serving as a receiver in state and federal court.